At JT Snuggs, we have a wish book, so if you have a special occasion coming up; a birthday, anniversary or even Christmas, and you see one or two things in the shop that would look better in your collection than ours, then why not ask if we write it in our wish book, and when your partner is at a loss as to what you may like, they can check the item(s) you have chosen and pick one (or more) from your selection. You still get a surprise because you are not sure which one you’re getting, but better still, you don’t have to ask “have you got the receipt?” because it was one of your chosen items!

The story of Trollbeads began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1976, when Soren
“Silversmith” Nielsen created the first Trollbead, Faces. The sterling silver bead,
faces, is named for the no less than 6 faces that decorate it. Soren “Silversmith”
Nielsen sold the Faces Bead from his father Svend Nielsen’s jewellery shop in Central

The trending fashion at the time of Trollbeads creation was to wear a single silver
bead on a leather cord necklace. Instead of hanging the bead from an eyelet, Nielsen
placed an opening through the center of the bead. Later his sister, Lise Aagaard,
began to place the beads on silver bracelets.

Elegant Christmas beads
with gold Mexican lock

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